Monday, May 5, 2008

Did the Hotel Come First or the Web Site?

That's an easy one to answer? The hotel was there way before web sites were around.

However, it today's age of transparency and information surfing. The days of having an average hotel and a super flashy web site are out. We need to go to an integrated approach of marketing our hotel consistently across channels to the customers we are targeting. This post from Blizzard Internet Marketing, shows how one hotel, the Hotel So in Chrischurch, New Zealand got it right.

Brand identity commands a price premium.

Here are a few items I noticed while walking through the site:

  • You see the curved edge boxes on the site are repetition of the similar wall panels found in the public space of the hotel.
  • The repetition of the patterns on the guest room walls to the web site.
  • The color palletes are similar
  • The contiuation of the hip minimalist hotel to the site.
By properly branding the site and the marketing message with the hotel, you can get so much more.



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