Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Email Subscriber Attrition Tactic - The Opt-in Email

Email marketing is one area that we as a company don't do enough with. The fault is not entirely our alone though. The brands make it difficult, if not impossible to access, the emails that they collect on their site - even though the guest made there reservation with us. They want to control the message and the frequency of the blasts to make sure that their guests aren't bombarded. While I get the importance of protecting the permission that these customers gave us when they signed up, I am sure that at least half of them expected to get some relevant offers from the hotel in which they made a reservation. I can almost guarantee you that this isn't happening.

This article from Media Post talks about how to reengage those customers by sending an opt-in email. Here are the best practices that they outline in their post:
  1. Be clear in the subject line
  2. Restate your value proposition
  3. Use YES and NO options
  4. Send a second request - where appropriate
For full details on the use of this tactic, click through to their article.



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